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Jalog uses the general condtions of the Nordic association freight forwarders.
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ENVIROMENTAL POLICY; Jalog AB is a transport company that focuses on shipments within Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. 
We promise to actively promote a sustainable society by:

  • Continual improvement in the environmental field. 
  • Think in long term and conserve resources and transports.  
  • To prioritize environmentally adapted products in our purchasing and agreements with other companies. 
  • Monitor and preferably exceed applicable enviromental legislation, regulations and other             requirements witch may affect the organization.

QUALITY POLICY; Jalog shall deliver highly qualitative transportservices with service-minded personnel.
Our aim is to create profitablity for ourselves and our customers.
A pre-requisite for us to live up to our business idea is:

  • a high standard of quality in our work
  • setting goals to improve the work-place environment
  • committed staff
  • feedback from our customers
  • cooperation at all levels within the logistical chain.

We shall regularly measure our quality and our success in achieving our goals.

FINANCIAL INFORMATION; We have rating AA in accordance with Soliditet.


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